When salons were forced to close, lash artists and beauty professionals were suddenly unable to sell products to their customers… at least face-to-face. One thing is for sure – people are still buying things online (if only for a little escapism) and companies are ensuring that products are delivered safely to their customers.

A survey commissioned by global commerce services company PFS found that three in five (60%) consumers have purchased more goods since lockdown began, than they did before, with 53% having shopped more online.* This shift in consumer behaviour means that business owners (if they offer an online retail range) must focus on ecommerce in order to boost sales, whilst engaging with their customers at the same time.

We’ve rounded up five retail tips to help you build the retail part of your business, which we hope you’ll take some inspiration from.

Build a sense of community

One way to boost online retail is staying connected with your customers. Keep the conversation flowing by posting how-to-videos, creating positive content that displays a sense of community and replying to comments. The sense of trust, communication and togetherness can be a huge revenue driver and increases the chance of customers returning, as well as attracting new ones.

Engage with customers via social media

Utilise your creative assets to ensure that your social media content is engaging. Focus on relatable, entertaining content rather than sales heavy messaging. Everyone is spending more time online right now and craving distraction, so maintaining your relationship with followers and clients is crucial to boosting your online sales – advise them as you normally would in your salon or at home! Use Instagram insights to see when your followers are online and what they engage with the most. Don’t miss out on a huge pool of potential customers.

Offer promotions

Where possible, offer any promotions or discounts. Your customers might want to treat themselves for a little positivity, but also many people are trying to save as much money as possible, so any offers or discounts will be greatly appreciated. Promote any offers or discounts clearly across your website’s home page and all your social media channels as well. Be open about any delays on delivery times – your customers will not only expect this but appreciate your honesty.

Product bundles

Now is a great time to potentially create product bundles in your shop! The bundles could include some of your best-sellers, or products that complement each other that can be used as part of your customers’ beauty routine. Read our blog on the 3 Step Lash Care System HERE. These are great packs to create for your customers. Don’t forget, you can always promote product bundles via your social channels. For mobile artists, if possible, reach out to your customers via email or social media with details on your product bundles. Ask customers to contact you if they want to place an order and then you can simply post their products to them!

Know what sells

Any business owner will look at what sells well and how it complements your offering. Now, this is more important then ever. Find out what continues to sell well in the current climate, what is cost-effective and what is driving revenue. Ultimately, your target market is the same, but they are living in an unfamiliar situation; people’s habits and priorities have changed. As always, continue to educate and inspire your customers about your products, including benefits and ingredients.

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