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Industry Icons

Nouveau Lashes was founded by Bridgette Softley and Karen Betts. Two powerful women. Leaders in their field. Innovators. Mentors. Educators. Meet our Directors; the women behind the ultimate lash brand who continue to innovate, develop and change the game

Founded By Bridget Softley

Bridgette Softley

Bridgette Softley is a towering figure in the world of beauty with a track record of achievement spanning 30 years. Spotting a gap in the market for more professional lash treatments and products, Bridgette joined forces with Karen to create Nouveau Lashes. Together they continue to exert a major influence over the industry.

Founded By Karen Betts

Karen Betts

Karen Betts is a leading authority in the beauty industry. With over 20 years’ experience, Karen owns three businesses and received the Diamond Award in 2016 for Best Training & Professional Development. In 2015 she won the Industry Leader Award and was named Natwest Woman of the Year in 2014.