The Latest On The Lash Trends: The Lash Lift

The Latest On The Lash Trends: The Lash Lift

It is obvious that the beauty industry has really made its impact on the world in the past few years, from fuller lips to thicker brows, the industry is constantly evolving and developing new trends. Moving into the new year most trends are focused more on natural beauty, discarding trends like contouring and fillers, the beauty consumers want easy, natural and long lasting.

That is why there is a huge buzz about Nouveau Lashes LVL Collagen Lash Lift

LVL is the new beauty must have, a treatment that not only lasts longer (6- 8 weeks lash cycle dependent) than lash extensions but also offers fewer risks and detriment to the lash. The lash lift also offers the option to apply a lash tint at the same time, creating fuller and a more voluminous look. We call this look the, “I just woke up like this” look, and who wouldn’t want that.

Let’s talk about why LVL stands out from other lash treatments. LVL is a gentle lash lifting treatment that doesn’t frizz or damage the lashes. Instead, it focuses on lengthening and lifting while our formula conditions and treats the lashes with hydrolysed collagen and oats. The lash perming treatment involved using a roller on the lid that creates an over curled affect, where as LVL uses a wider silicon hard that is available in different size to tailor each eye, also allowing the lash to curl but maintaining the lashes length.


Beauty salons all around Australia are jumping on the trend! Take it from an experienced lash technician with 17 years’ experience in the industry.

“The real magic to LVL is in the techniques we use and the care and science that has gone into the formulation.

After 17 years in the beauty industry and countless perms in that time – it never made sense to me to coat the whole lash in product. For one thing, it creates a more curved finish to the lashes and much of the lashes length is lost on the underside of the curl. Secondly – the delicate tips of the lashes are not sturdy enough to withstand the chemical process, meaning frizzling, drying and damage of the lashes was hard to avoid. With LVL, we put the product just on the roots of the lashes which are sturdy, so not only is it SO much safer but it also means we lift from the root and see the entire length of the lash. I love that our product is a training only product. The lack of regulation in our industry means it’s just far too easy for these “ebay and youtube” techs to be causing all kinds of damage to clients and giving beauty treatments a bad name. Having a product with such a high quality and standard of training means that clients come to LVL for that very reason. Clients are savvy, and they will invest in quality and stay loyal.”

The beauty industry is constantly evolving and seeking out new ways to upgrade treatments and products. Nouveau Lashes pride themselves in lash care, developing products and techniques that provide the best possible balance of health, beauty and performance. With clients now seeking treatments that will last with less damage, we believe our LVL treatment will be a key service in every beauty salon.

Nouveau Lashes is exclusively distributed in Australia by Bio Beauty Concepts. If you are interested in training with Nouveau Lashes, please complete our online enquiry form or call us on (02) 8218 4500