The Importance Of Cleansing

The Importance Of Cleansing

The most important part of any lash treatment is the preparation. By taking the time to properly assess, consult and prepare the lashes, you are setting a solid foundation on which you can build incredible lash lift results.

Today we are going to talk about an important, often overlooked, step in the preparation journey – Cleansing the lashes.

What does “cleansing” mean & why is it important?

Cleansing the lash means removing all traces of make-up, oils and proteins that would otherwise inhibit the chemical processes required to perform a lash lift. In other words, without properly cleansing (or removing) these surface substances, they ultimately act as a barrier and block the LVL Lifting Balm and Volumising Fix’s ability to breakdown and reform the disulphide bonds in the lash, severely impacting the LVL’s degree of lift and longevity.

Figure 1: LVL re-shapes the lashes via 2 key chemical processes which work on the disulphide bonds in the hair

How do I cleanse the lashes before an LVL treatment?

In order to properly cleanse the lashes, it is important to follow a 2 steps process to remove external make-up and oils from other cosmetics, as well as the lashes protein protection layer which will allow for the bonding process to properly take effect

Step 1: Cleanse and remove all traces of make-up from the eye area using a Cotton Pad, dampened with a combination of lukewarm water and our new Prebiotic Make-Up Remover (you can learn more about the magic of prebiotics here)


Use your pro lash tool with a Mini Brush attachment to gently remove those stubborn traces of make-up

Step 2: Gently remove oil or protein residues from the natural lashes using a Protein Remover Pad.

Active ingredients within the pads will break down and remove cosmetics, oil and the lashes’ own protein protection, allowing for a long lasting bond. Failure to properly cleanse the lashes may result in a poor lift as the LVL’s Lifting Balm will be obstructed and the chemical process limited


Dab off any excess moisture from the Protein Remover Pad onto a paper towel before use

By following the above steps, you will ensure your clients lashes are properly cleansed, and the LVL treatment is able to create a beautiful bond that ultimately leads to incredible, long lasting lifts.

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