The Benefits Of LVL’s Blister Packs

The Benefits Of LVL’s Blister Packs

Not all lash lifts are created equal, and nothing says that more than LVL’s unique blister-style packaging. Each LVL treatment is contained within a 4-pearl blister pack, with each pearl containing enough solution for each step of the LVL treatment. But why is LVL packaged in this way, and what are the blister pack benefits?

Keeping it fresh

Most lash lifting solutions in the market are packaged in a sachet-style form that holds anywhere from 10 to 30 treatments per sachet. The issue with this packaging is the very real risk of exposing the products to the environment. Oxygen, sunlight, moisture and other environmental factors have a huge impact on the product stability and ultimate performance.

Nouveau Lashes understands this, which is why each individual treatment is individually packaged in its own 4-pearl blister pack, which is sealed airtight to protect the product from the elements. This allows technicians to only open 1 treatment at a time, keeping the other blister packs safely stored away until it is time for them to be used on a client. This innovative packaging solution prevents unnecessary exposure of unused product, and allows for a more stable, better performing lash lift every time.

Speed & efficiency

The LVL blister pack has also been designed to work alongside the Nouveau Lashes LVL Headband, providing a truly innovative solution to improve LVL speed and efficiency.

The LVL blister packs achieve this by fitting snuggly inside the LVL Headband, which in turn is easily adjustable to fit comfortably around your clients head. This cleverly and securely positions the LVL blister pack on your clients forehead, creating an easy-to-access work station which ensures time spent prepping and fetching products during treatments is kept to a minimum.

Hygiene, cleanliness & safety

As each LVL treatment is confined in its own 4-pearl blister pack, therefore is a reduced risk of contamination between treatments, ensuring each treatment performs the way it should. In addition, each pearl in the blister pack has enough product for each stage of a treatment, meaning minimal product wastage and a cleaner work environment.

For increased safety, Nouveau Lashes have specialised patch test blister packs which are uniquely designed to send to first-time clients prior to their LVL treatment, so they can check for any possible allergies or reactions to the LVL system. The LVL patch tests come in self-contained pack that contains tiny trace amounts of active ingredients for clients to test on their skin for reactions

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