4 reasons why you should continue to carry retail post-pandemic

4 reasons why you should continue to carry retail post-pandemic

During these challenging times, retailing home care products to your clients has been an essential tool in maintaining customer relationships, as well as an important source of revenue.

As restrictions start to ease, the importance of home care will remain as our communities adjust to a changed world. It is therefore crucial that salons and technicians think about retail as an important part of their business as we shift to a new post-lockdown world, and below are some tips to help you develop your retail offerings.

Maintenance & care

Frequency of treatments will likely remain slow as the threat of the coronavirus remains in our communities, which is why is it so important to educate your clients about post-treatment routines.

Every beauty service should have a post-treatment care routine to allow clients to maintain themselves between the extended times between treatments. Educating your clients will provide a great retail opportunity, and allow your clients to enjoy more out of their treatments until their next visit.

Brand consistency

Using the same brand for post-treatment retail and home care will allow you to better prescribe or recommend to the client. Most brands have post-treatment products that have been specifically developed to complement or promote treatment services, and will allow both you and your clients to easily understand what will work best for treatment regime to achieve their beauty goal

Increased revenue opportunities

This is a very important factor as to why you should continue to carry retail post-lockdown,

Adding a diverse retail range to your salon will open up opportunities to bring in more revenue through sale of retail products across different beauty categories, and allow you to create beauty packs, competitions and tactics to get your clients excited.

As an example, you could offer an at-home Lash Growth Serum to a regular nail client wanting to treatment their lashes at home, or sell Footlogix Cracked Heel Formula to lash client that may have cracked heels.

TIP: Look for retail products that allow for a 100% markup to maximise profits

Trusted  advice

When products are recommended by a beautician, it’s genially good advice. Your clients trust you based on the relationship and trust you have built. Advising them on the right products will only strengthen their trust in you and your knowledge.

The Coronavirus pandemic is having a significant, long term impact on the beauty industry, with an increased expectation and reliance on quality home care treatment plans for clients. Having a strong retail offering to support your service business will be an essential tool for future revenue and treatment successes. Stay strong, safe and stock up!